Mouser Now Stocking Wurth WE-PP Mini Push-Pull Transformers for Texas Instruments SN6501 Chipset

Mouser - Texas Instruments SN6501Mouser Electronics, Inc. is stocking new miniature push-pull transformers from Wurth Electronics that are designed for use with the Texas Instruments SN6501 transformer driver.

WE-PP push-pull transformers are miniature, high-performance devices with a high isolation voltage of 2.5kV. These Wurth devices can be matched with a TI SN6501 transformer driver to create a space-saving, cost-effective solution. SN6501 drives a low-profile, center-tapped transformer primary from a 3.3V or 5V DC power supply.  This push-pull monolithic oscillator/power-driver is ideal for small transformers used in a variety of applications, such as RS-485, RS-232, RS-422, I²C, or low power LAN. Learn more about SN6501 transformer driver at Visit to learn more about Wurth WE-PP push-pull transformers.