New compact splitter boxes

EBC048, EBC050, EBC054, EBC063Plug-in splitter are an ideal way of keeping wiring neat, they are quick and easy to install instead of a junction box, and your sensors can easily be plugged in with a guarantee of good connection and seal.

ifm electronic has just launched two new ranges of splitter boxes with M8 sockets, which are perfect for tight spaces.   All are solidly manufactured and potted with seals rated up to IP68 and mechanical protection to prevent over tightening. The splitters will operate between -25 and +80 °C.

The EBC range includes four and eight-way connections for M8 (to EN61076) with either 3-pin or 4-pin configuration.  The splitters are equipped with local LED indication; the user only has to specify the polarity of the input signals. A green LED confirms local power.

The EBC M8 splitters can be supplied with integral 5m or 10m multicore cable for connection back to the panel. Alternatively, the 4-way versions can be ordered with an M16 connector and plug-in home-run cables.

For AS-interface ifm electronic offers three versions; AC2484 is a 4-input unit, AC2482 features two inputs and two outputs, while AC2488 is a single slave for 8 inputs. All the AS-i M8 modules feature an M12 connector to the network and do not require additional power. They also feature a red LED for fault indication