Mains-Dimmable LED Lamp Driver from Diodes Incorporated Raises Device Flexibility while Reducing BOM Cost

DI0736_AP1694.ovDiodes Incorporated has unveiled the AP1694, an AC-DC controller providing a universal high-performance driver solution for a variety of mains-dimmable LED lamp designs.  Suitable for both 120V and 230V AC inputs, while supporting non-isolated buck, buck-boost and isolated flyback topologies, this part enables between 10% and 50% reductions in total BOM costs.

The controller uses Diodes’ patented PFM technology to tightly regulate LED current and achieve a high power factor and low total harmonic distortion.  By operating in boundary-conduction mode, the AP1684 also assures high efficiency and low EMI driver characteristics.  As a primary side controller, this part removes the need for opto-coupler and secondary-side control circuitry, and being inherently stable, eliminates the need for loop compensation.

The AP1694 delivers a 5% initial LED current accuracy, meeting the requirements of most mains-dimmable LED lighting applications and is compatible with a wide range of different dimmers, including both leading edge and trailing edge types.  It achieves deep dimming down to 1%, complies with the NEMA SSL6 standard for dimming curves and meets the requirements of the IEC6100-3-2 harmonic standard.

Provided in the small form factor SO-8 package and requiring only 26 external components in buck topology, the AP1694 driver controller offers designers of mains-dimmable LED lamps a higher power density with a simpler and smaller total circuit footprint.  The device also integrates comprehensive protection features, including open-load detection, over-voltage, short-circuit and over-temperature protection.

The AP1694 is priced at $0.50 USD each in 50k quantities.  The part is supported by 120V and 240V evaluation boards for qualifying customers, an on-line LED lamp component calculator tool and a complete set of reference designs.