Miniature Metal Cored shielded SMT POWER INDUCTORS

d3812fa1-2e60-4c57-9d0c-5582ca5011d8The new MA and MD series of inductors integrate a metal core, for high saturation currents, and a unique resin coated shielding layer within a miniature smd package. The combination results in improved magnetic shielding and higher inductance values for smaller package sizes.

The MA series has two case sizes from (2.0 x 1.6)mm with a height from 1.0mm and the MD series from (2.0 x 2.0)mm and a height of 1.2mm. The range of inductance is 0.47µH to 4.7µH.High inductance in a miniature package, an operating temperature of (-40 +85)°C and excellent saturation current levels makes this smd chip inductor ideal for new portable designs.Applications include DC/DC converters, cell phones, HDD, DVC, DSC, PDA and LCD displays.