Aspen has MMICs covered with extensive range from Guerrilla RF Inc.

Guerrilla RF Inc., represented by Aspen Electronics in the UK, is a leading provider of high performance MMICs to wireless infrastructure OEMs in multiple market segments, including enterprise/carrier-class WiFi access points, small cells, wireless backhaul and cellular repeaters. Their high performance RF and Microwave IC products enable new levels of range and coverage area in wireless systems.

Recently announced is a new failsafe SPDT switch for cellular boosters, cellular infrastructure and L-band Satellite Communications – the GRF6011.  This linear, ultra-low loss switch has been designed with failsafe characteristics when all voltage inputs are removed. In switching mode, the device delivers IP1dB levels greater than 1 Watt along with >49 dBm IIP3 levels for both RF paths. When powered down (Failsafe Mode), RFC to RF1 defaults to a high insertion loss while RFC to RF2 defaults to a low insertion loss state that retains high linearity.

The GRF2013 is a high performance broadband gain block featuring high linearity with low noise designed for small cell, wireless infrastructure and other high performance applications. It exhibits outstanding broadband NF, linearity and return losses over 0.7 to 3.8 GHz with a single match. Optimizing the bias inductor and coupling caps for lower frequency operation will yield strong performance down to 50 MHz. The addition of simple external matching yields outstanding linearity and gain performance up to 8 GHz.

As a first stage LNA, linear driver or cascaded gain block the GRF4003 is a true multi-purpose component offering high levels of reuse across varied designs and application platforms. Designed for small cell, wireless infrastructure and other applications, the GRF4003 exhibits outstanding broadband NF, linearity and return losses over 100 to 3800 MHz with a single match. The GRF5110 is a high linearity PA/Linear Driver with low noise figure (NF). It delivers a P1dB of 28.8dBm, plus excellent IP3 and NF over a range of frequencies from 1500 to 3800MHz with fractional bandwidths >20%.

For ultra-low noise applications Guerrilla has the GRF207X family of pin compatible, ultra-low noise devices. With 4 amplifiers covering the frequency bands from 400MHz to 6.0GHz the GRF2070/2071/2072 and 2073 are designed for high-performance RF applications requiring ultra-low noise figures as low as 0.34dB, together with high gain and linearity.