Suppress EMI in harsh environments

With a nanocrystalline metal core, Kemet’s SCF-XV AEC-Q200 qualified common mode chokes are designed to achieve higher inductance and impedance values, a broader frequency response and a smaller footprint than other common mode chokes currently available.

This series is designed to fulfil demand for high voltage automotive and harsh environment industrial EMI filtering. The series offers up to 1,000V AC/DC. The nanocrystalline metal core results in: a reduced footprint; rated current range from five to 35A; DCR from 0.65 to 40.3mΩ; -40 to 150°C operating temperature range; vertical/horizontal layouts; and 19, 25 and 29mm outer core diameters.

The series supports the trend to increase vehicle lithium-ion battery pack voltage to limit drive train currents. With its space-saving characteristics, the series also addresses trends of miniaturization and operation in harsh environmental conditions. Applications include: onboard chargers for EV/PHEV; e-compressors; wireless charging systems with 85kHz; medium power drives for power steering; air conditioning; and mild hybrid 48V systems.