New stand-alone website for Mass Interconnect Interfaces

Due to increased demand for their ODU-MAC® Black-Line connectors, ODU have launched a new stand-alone website to support test equipment OEM’s, by explaining their many interconnection options as clearly and quickly as possible.

Mass interconnect systems are mainly used for testing printed circuit boards and electronically assembled components.

So, what is important?

Firstly, reliable measurements are ensured by ODU’s well-proven contact technology.

Equally important is the flexible configuration of interfaces, for which these modular connectors are ideally suited.


User friendly and everything in one place

Of course, making things as easy as possible for the user was the primary goal in the development of the ODU-MAC® Black-Line mass interconnect interface.

But now the same applies to the new website: anyone who wants information will get the results quickly and compactly. “It was the next logical step to offer our own mass interconnect interface” said Tobias Eder, product manager at ODU.


Continuous product enhancements

In order to meet the requirements of as many applications as possible, the ODU-MAC® Black-Line portfolio is constantly being expanded. The latest is an electronics housing, which allows connectors to be attached to the rear panel for individual test requirements, whilst at the same time, protecting electronic components and cables.


A complete package

In addition to the expertise of the employees, the enormous vertical range of manufacture is outstanding at ODU. It ensures consistent quality and, if required, offers customers a customized total solution with everything from a single source, including cable assembly.


Try it for yourself

Give the new website a test drive at