Digi-Key is Listening to Customer and Supplier Realities to Deliver High Service Distribution

At Digi-Key, we’re listening to the realities and numerous challenges our customers and suppliers are facing, and we continue to stretch ourselves as we redefine what high service means to deliver on their needs. By improving and expanding upon our core capabilities, we are consistently adding value to both sides of the equation – our customers and our suppliers.

The supply chain is still chaotic and disruptions seem to be the new norm, leading to customers waiting for that one or a few critical components with long lead times to complete their final builds and generate revenue. We’re working closely with our customers and supplier partners to provide materials and technical support to offer alternate solutions. Here’s a look at how we’re delivering on our commitment to both our valued customers and suppliers.

Investing in the Components Customers Need

We continue to invest in inventory from critical components to the latest and greatest new technologies. We have more manufacturer lines than ever before – 2,300 suppliers – and continue to add new lines and components – now at 13.4 million and growing – enabling customers to access the latest technologies from our supplier base and making us a strong partner to support the full BOM. 

Distribution Center Expansion
This year, Digi-Key is opening the doors to its brand-new, 204,400 square meter Product Distribution Center expansion (PDCe). This expansion will dramatically increase the amount of space available for storing existing and new products. In addition, expanded automation within the PDCe will decrease turnaround time and boost same-day order fulfilment to customers.

Another way we’re redefining high-level service in the distribution center is with our cut tape. This extra layer of traceability, called Part Tracing, prints information directly on the back of cut tape products, enabling engineers to better organize their components, giving them access to the Digi-Key Traceability portal and the ability to look up additional information in real-time.

Strong Digital Enhancements
It’s not just the physical hardware we are enhancing. Our customers are looking for more and more tools. They want to self-serve, self-quote and easily check availability – as quickly as possible. They also want to manage their bill of materials (BOM) and share it with others. Customers can now do all this and more with Digi-Key’s myLists tool. We also provide digital solutions including API, EDI and punchout to provide efficiency and ease of doing business. Services like this make not just a URL, but a tool customers use to make their lives and jobs easier.

What’s next?
The good news is we’re already planning for the next growth cycle, because in our industry it’s never a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. Just like you, we are watching the market closely. As the market fluctuates, one thing will always remain: We will continue to support our customers and suppliers to ensure we’re delivering on our promise to be your trusted high service distributor.