When the chips are down there are options

Winslow Adaptics’ CEO, Teri-Ann Winslow, throws a safety net to electronics purchasing professionals facing genuine or temporary obsolescence

Semiconductor shortages are frustrating. It’s keeping buyers on their toes and things don’t seem to be getting better. The situation is expected to improve but when? Today’s obsolescence marketplace now includes temporary obsolescence: like allocation on steroids. Many component types are either temporarily unavailable, have lead times extended or there’s no delivery information available. Counterfeits are a real threat, driven by the air of desperation.

If a redesign seems the only solution, it doesn’t have to be. It’s worthwhile sitting back and weighing the options. Could something else be deployed to solve the problem? The answer is yes.

Clever techniques are available to enable the original design to be used in the world of legacy designs and high-reliability markets of defence and aerospace where re-design either isn’t an option or isn’t cost-effective.

Interposers—which connect to a functionally suitable alternative-—are a proven, reliable option. If the component supplier or engineering can suggest a functionally identical part, an interposer is viable.

Falling lead times will likely increase end-of-life notices. Given the experience gained over the last two years, implementing a risk management strategy should be easy by leaning on the experience gained.

For over 40-years, Winslow Adaptics has helped in the design, development and manufacture of products that support electronics system lifecycle in industries such as medical, defence, aerospace, automotive and rail.