Catch up on processor bottleneck

4D Systems’ Pixxi-44 series offers an alternative for buyers looking for display modules that run with the currently unavailable Diablo16 graphics processor. Thanks to the Pixxi-44 intelligent display modules, 4D Systems’ gen4 range includes various TFT-LCD colour displays with non-touch, resistive touch or capacitive touch. They feature microSD memory, optional SPI flash memory, GPIO and communication and integrated audio generation.

Many applications developed and written for other 4D Systems display modules with Picaso or Diablo16 graphics processors will also run on the gen4 display module, depending on the Picaso or Diablo16 functions used in each case.

The Pixxi-44 graphics processor offers 14 customizable GPIOs, four specifically for analog inputs, two each for I2C and UART interfaces. The SA display’s 30-pin ZIF/FFC/FPC socket allows connection via 30-pin FFC cable to an application, motherboard or accessory boards for additional functional expansion.