Delivering on-time and on budget

PEI Genesis’ senior VP & MD Europe, Jonathan Parry

PEI Genesis’ senior VP & MD Europe, Jonathan Parry, explains how bonded inventory services mitigate customers’ exposure to the risk of unforeseen cost increases


Here at PEI-Genesis, we are investing heavily in our plans for growth by recruiting more talented and dedicated colleagues in our head office and in the field, as well as expanding our industry-leading inventory position—including adding new product lines and specialised connectors designed for applications such as space, electric vehicles and renewable energy.


We are seeing lead-times from connector manufacturers continue to increase so we have committed to deepen our inventory across all our global locations, now having over $90 million of components in our warehouses ready to be designed-in and assembled for our customers’ specific needs.


As we have all seen in 2022, costs are increasing across the board and this can be a risk for customers when designing a connector solution for a multi-year program. At PEI-Genesis we are able to work with our manufacturer partners and customers to put in place bonded inventory to mitigate the risk of unforeseen cost increases, thereby ensuring the program is delivered on-time and on budget. This long-term partnership is one which customers value now more than ever and I am pleased to say that as a result of our world class service, PEI-Genesis continues to experience double-digit growth in the UK and all our global markets.