Independents become indispensable

NewPower’s CEO, Carleton Dufoe

NewPower’s CEO, Carleton Dufoe, describes how independent distributors are providing real-time insights into global supply, coupled with an unparalleled ability to execute

The electronic components industry has been in a state of consolidation, with larger manufacturers buying smaller manufacturers, suppliers buying suppliers, and distributors buying distributors. The consolidation had helped distributors broaden their service offerings to keep up with the demands of the status quo economy. However, those service models were not designed to deal with the current shortage market, which has been exacerbated by the explosion in demand for electronic components.

When the world’s smartest supply chain experts turned to their distribution partners for help, they quickly learned those partners weren’t built to help solve the real-time inventory problems they were facing. The next alternative was independent distribution.

Once investigated, it was evident independent distribution filled the gaps. People have blamed the ‘broker’ for the industry’s shortfalls for years. However, in today’s marketplace, the independent distributor is essential to almost everyone’s supply chain operations. They provide real-time insights into global supply coupled with an unparalleled ability to execute.

Founded in 2014, NewPower prioritized technology as its primary differentiator with its Empower trading platform providing real-time data to thousands of customers daily. With nine global offices, NewPower is positioned to execute locally, in real-time, with no problem too big or too small.