Finding the right CEM partner

Esprit Electronics helps OEMs understand what considerations are important when choosing a contract electronics manufacturing partner

There are many UK-based CEMs, selecting the right one is vital. The following is a list of things to consider when shortlisting providers.

Technology: Many CEMs specialise in particular technologies, industry sectors and/or solutions. Select an expert, covering existing and future requirements. OEMs should choose a partner that will grow with them, not hold them back.

Certifications and accreditations: Must products meet industry standards and accreditations? Consider providers who can meet these requirements.

Logistics and inventory: Many CEM providers can procure, stock and manage materials and deliver end products in exact quantities. Others may require the OEM to manage the supply chain. Selecting a CEM with end-to-end logistics capabilities can streamline processes.

Size: Most customers don’t want to be more than 20 per cent of their CEM’s turn-over. Less and they may feel under served, more and there is a risk of over reliance.

Investment: The electronics industry moves fast, so a CEM should commit to investing in equipment, training and technology.

Stability: This covers two aspects, is a CEM financially stable, profitable and can demonstrate growth, and is it well established.

Technical support: There is huge pressure on the supply chain, look for a partner who can provide options and advice when needed most.

Partnership: The best relationships are when customers see their CEM as an extension of their own business. A good CEM will be flexible, responsive and provide excellent customer service.