Grabbing users’ attention

Anders is offering a selection of circular TFT LCD colour displays with integrated rotary switch. Available sizes are 1.3, 2.1 and 2.47in, ideal for applications such as heating systems, industrial controls, IoT devices, boilers, white goods, fitness equipment and audio equipment.

The rotary switch permits convenient and intuitive adjustments such as temperature, volume, motor speed, timer settings, lighting, dimming and ambience control settings. The switch is operated by turning a perimeter ring, which provides a tactile response to confirm the selection and hold the switch position.

Circular displays grab customers’ attention with an almost limitless range of imaginative effects. Examples include: making a timer count up or down by illuminating or turning off graduations around the edge; darkening or brightening the display as the user adjusts a lighting dimmer; or changing the backlight colour of a heating or air-conditioning controller depending on the user’s setting.