Outsourcing takes the investment strain

By continually upgrading its capital equipment, Jaltek shields its contract electronics manufacturing customers from the cost and complexity of investing in new technology

To provide customers with up-to-date, efficient and cost effective solutions, Jaltek constantly reviews its technology including its volume and NPI lines, all supplied by Blakell Europlacer. The multifunction SMT pick and place platform maximises flexibility, while the  prototyping and main production lines are compatible, allowing seamless transfer of prototypes.

Jaltek’s recent investments include production, test and inspection kit, including an environmental simulation test chamber allowing greater in-house temperature and humidity testing. The company’s largest 2022 investment was increasing its manufacturing space by 50 per cent and recruiting across production, engineering and account management.

MD, Steve Pittom, said: “Despite the component challenges that 2021 and 2022 presented, due to the longevity of our strategy we have been able to continue to enhance our offering. We invest in our people as well as our equipment, we have expanded our team to support growing activity in design, engineering, project management and NPI. Our in-house training ensures all employees work to the industry’s highest standards as per the Institute of Printed Circuits.”

Business manager, Steve Blythe, added: ‘The new factory is now operational for box build and test, supporting our increasing workload. Essentially this investment enables us to continue delivering our vision towards world class competitiveness and productivity for our customers. As we grow, we are also able to offer more opportunities for people to have rewarding and enjoyable jobs in manufacturing and engineering. We deliver solutions through technology and partnership to make tomorrow better than today.”