Connectors and cables: nervous system of electric society

Phoenix Contact explains how connectors and cables are a key enabling technology in the power and data networking required for tomorrow’s all-electric society

Climate change demands a global energy revolution only possible through the digitalisation and networking of all aspects of life. In an all-electric society, energy demands will be covered by renewable energies and electrical power will be the central energy source.

To achieve this, a comprehensive coupling of the energy, mobility, infrastructure, building, and industry sectors is required. Until now, individual sectors have been distinguished by different technical standards, making it difficult to couple them. However, base technologies are available that allow the establishment of a seamless communications infrastructure between countless installed devices.

To achieve this, infrastructure must be networked worldwide—physically and via data links. Electromechanical components, including a multitude of data, signal and power connectors, are the foundation for the electrification of machines and systems. Phoenix Contact is actively involved in many user organisations, committees and associations aimed at ensuring that further development of these standards is driven forward according to the requirements of the all-electric society.