Automotive capacitor demand drives production boost

Toray Industries is increasing production capacity for Torayfan biaxially oriented polypropylene film, part of ongoing efforts to meet growing demand for automotive capacitor film in an expanding market for electrified vehicles. When online in 2025, the upgraded facilities will lift Torayfan production capacity by 40 per cent.

Film capacitors are a prime application for Torayfan, commonly used in appliances and IT equipment and inverter circuits for the power control units of electrified vehicle motors. An inverter is a power circuit or device with such that changes direct current to alternating current. The driving performance and efficiency of these vehicles have improved in recent years. Power control units and film capacitors have become smaller and lighter to enhance interior spaces and design flexibility. However, the downside has been lower voltage resistance. Toray Industries states Torayfan dominates the automotive capacitor film market because its unique technology maintains thinness and voltage resistance.