PCB transformers now available


Agile Electronics can now supply PCB mounted power transformers from Block. The transformers are vacuum moulded to provide a rugged, reliable and high proof voltage device. When designed into a PCB mounted product for use as a power transformer they provide safe electrical isolation between power input and output sides, providing the function of an isolating or safety transformer.

Block’s standard PCB transformer solutions are designed to provide an ideal power supply for circuit design, from basic transformers to devices offering absolute or limited short-circuit protection. Stated benefits include: minimal footprint with high power output; double input and output voltage for series or parallel connections; and power output from 0.35 to 50VA.

Agile Electronics’ director, Sarah Eddowes, said: “The addition of Block PCB power transformers to our portfolio not only adds value to our kitting service but also provides UK customers with a local, reliable sales channel for their own requirements.”