Search and you will find

Enclosure Solutions introduces a new parametric search tool designed to help buyers narrow down over 5,700 enclosures to the optimum product for their application

Users start their enclosure search by deciding whether to search by size or category. Search by size lets users input length, width and height, plus size tolerance for each dimension if an exact size has not been determined. The search engine returns all enclosures falling within the dimensions and tolerances specified.

Search by category lets users search by the following enclosure type: ATEX, cabinets and racks, desktop and instrument, development boards, diecast and metal, DIN rail, electrical, EMI/RFI shielded, general purpose plastic, handheld, heavy duty and IoT sensor and communication enclosures.

After the initial search attribute has been decided and the initial results returned, the search can be further refined. Additional searchable attributes are colour, IP rating, material, shape, mounting, feature and manufacturer. In most cases, cost plays a significant factor in enclosure selection so the ‘price: low to high’ tool is useful for further refining results.

For each enclosure, users can access detailed specification, drawings, images, descriptions and downloadable PDFs.

Enclosure Solutions states it is determined to offer buyers the right product for their applications, at the right price. Thus, if guidance is required, Enclosure Solutions’ team is on hand to provide further information or advise on alternatives, enclosure modification, bespoke products or turnkey manufacturing.