Compact colour displays for handheld devices

Display Visions describes its compact graphic display (TFT015-22AI) as bright, sharp and economical with power.

The IPS colour display’s active area measures 28mm². Despite this small size, the 240 by 240px resolution provides a detailed, crisp graphic display with 16 bit colour resolution. Maximum brightness of 1,100cd/m² ensures a high-contrast display even under bright sunlight or operating room lamps. The company states unlike other LCD screens, contrast remains nearly the same even at very oblique viewing angles thanks to AACS technology. External installation dimensions are 32 by 35 by 3.2mm.

The 16bit RGB, 18bit or 8bit parallel and SPI interfaces are available for control. Supply voltage is 3.3V. Due to the low current consumption, typically 20 to 80mA, the displays suit installation in battery-operated handheld devices. Temperature range stretches from -20 to 70°C.

Display Visions guarantees availability for at least ten years.