Stay medically informed

Manufacturers of medical products can now benefit from Mouser’s new resource page offering products, articles and design guides  

With support from its global partners, Mouser’s resource portfolio is designed to help manufacturers find tools, information and materials, while highlighting trending medical topics like next-generation medical devices for brain-computer interfaces and the evolution of medical wearables. Content includes features about medical 3D printing, the role of AI/ML within healthcare, digital therapeutics, power management in medical devices and more. 

Mouser’s latest installment of the Empowering Innovation Together (EIT) series also unveils the transformative potential of digital therapeutics, examining the bridge between technology and medical devices to find how these parts and components can work together to provide a more personalized and accessible means of healthcare. 

The medical industry is evolving and technology is a crucial aspect in changing traditional methods. Digital therapeutics offers the potential to reach more patients, monitor conditions in real-time and reduce the financial barriers to accessing medical care. To support this shift, Mouser and its supplier partners have collaborated to share their collective expertise and promote a more comprehensive method of personal health.

The latest EIT series installment includes a new podcast episode from The Tech Between Us, plus a second episode from In Between The Tech, featuring guests from the Digital Medicine Society and Freespira. Each episode breaks down the meaning of digital therapeutics and the cutting-edge solutions it can potentially provide. Listeners gain a comprehensive understanding of the technical hardware/software aspects of engineering design, plus current industry challenges.

Regarding parts, Mouser stocks semiconductors and electronic components for medical applications, offering parts from suppliers including Molex, Omron and TE Connectivity. The following are other examples. 

Analog Devices’ ADPD4200 sensor front end is equipped with twelve-time slots that enable twelve separate measurements per sampling period. This sensor includes control circuitry with flexible LED signaling and synchronous detection. It has multiple wearable health and fitness applications including home patient monitoring.

The ams OSRAM’s AS7050 medical and health sensor lets users detect bio signals such as photoplethysmogram, electrocardiogram and galvanic skin resistance. These features offer flexibility for several LED and photodiode arrangements in different uses. Applications include optical sensor platforms, heart rate and ECG monitoring, smart devices and earbuds.

Texas Instruments’ SimpleLink microcontrollers are designed for connected smart devices in medical applications, providing low-power wireless connectivity to wearable blood analyzers, heart-rate monitors, sleep monitors and e-stethoscopes.