Ready for a new wiring experience?

Original equipment manufacturers looking for a quick, reliable and tool-free method of making PCB connections should explore Phoenix Contact’s new Push-X technology

With new Push-X technology, Phoenix Contact makes connection technology for PCB connectors direct, tool-free and automation- capable. Thanks to compatibility with Phoenix Contact’s headers, XPC provides a fast, alternative connection solution.

XPC series connectors enable secure and fast connection of conductors. Rigid and flexible conductors with/without ferrules are connected directly, effortlessly and tool-free thanks to Push-X technology. The stripped conductor is inserted directly into the open terminal point. An acoustic signal provides confirmation the connection is secure.

Phoenix Contact states Push-X technology also provides a high level of reliability and user-friendliness due to the clamping chamber being in the open state when delivered. Demanding test procedures ensure the connectors remain ready for direct connection even in the case of severe impacts.

The XPC 1.5 range is plug-in compatible with existing headers within the Combicon product portfolio enabling easy integration into existing printed circuit board layouts.