Increased field of vision

Panasonic Industry’s latest Grid-EYE sensor features a 90 deg lens delivering a wider field of view and reducing the number of sensors required to cover a given area to enable people counting and tracking applications.

Panasonic Industry Europe product manager, Osamu Mitsumura, said: “Knowing where people are is the key to design a smart space. Today, industries want to understand and optimise how their buildings are being used, especially the businesses in retail, hospitality and healthcare. Hall-effect encoder is compact, durable and robust suits use in applications with increased requirements for operational reliability.

“Similarly, the lighting industry is increasingly moving towards providing personalized ambient spaces. The pandemic has also highlighted the importance of management of highly frequented or confined spaces, like offices or public washroom facilities. The holy grail of people- tracking/counting solutions has always been scalability and cost-effectiveness. Grid-EYE 90° delivers both.”

Grid-EYE has been used in a variety of applications where absolute temperature values are used for detecting hot spots. It also suits people tracking/counting applications.