More suppliers, more products

As an authorised distributor for approximately 400 manufacturers, Digi-Key’s 2009 catalogue for the UK features new products from numerous existing companies, as well as over 30 new supplier partners. At 2,376 pages, this years catalogue is up 328 pages from last year. This increase is due in no small part to the company’s expanded distribution agreement with Tyco Electronics. The new global authorisation deal sees Digi-Key stocking more than 17,000 products from Tyco Electronics.

Digi-Keys president and COO, Mark Larson, said: Digi-Key aims to stock all the products featured in our print catalogue. For our customers, this translates into hundreds of thousands of products in stock and available for immediate shipment. Long deemed an invaluable reference book for purchasing agents, the Digi-Key catalogue exemplifies this commitment to customers.