Moulded vents reduce product costs

Camden Electronics has added a vented version of its size 12 enclosures. The CNMB/12 snap fit DIN rail enclosure is 210mm long and features ventilation slots in both sides of the body to provide improved heat dissipation. Moulded vents saves users the difficulties associated with machining enclosures, increasing productivity and reducing assembly costs. Moulded vents also result in a stronger moulding compared to a similar enclosure with machined ventilation slots. It is supplied complete with 12 terminal guards as standard, eight perforated on 5.08mm pitch and four solid.

The CNMB series lets users produce housings to meet most requirements. Eight versions are available offering lengths of: 17.5, 36, 53, 71, 88, 106, 160 and 210mm all 90mm wide.

Features include PCB guides to hold boards in place and moulded screw holes for mounting PCBs with heavier components such as relays or transformers. Up to three PCBs can be mounted horizontally. Four mounting positions are provided for vertical boards. The base is sealed, avoiding the need for insulating pads and reducing assembly costs.

Standard colour is grey (RAL 7035) although mouldings can be supplied in black, green, red or blue for volume orders. Special features include snap on terminal covers to IP20 finger protection with perforated screwdriver and wire entry holes and spring loaded DIN rail clips for chassis/surface mounting.