From AM to ZigBee

Distributor, RS Components, has refreshed its wireless technology solutions portfolio, to offer buyers what is claimed to be the widest range of antennas available from one source in the UK. Over 200 new products have been added, including items from Antenova, Navman, Taoglass, Micrel, LPRS, Atmel and Ezurio as well as a range of RS own-brand antenna solutions. New products include 2.4GHz audio/video transmitters, ZigBee development kits, reference boards, low frequency mesh networking products, a range of internal and external antenna, GPS modules and power amplified Bluetooth products. The wireless range now offers products covering all technologies from AM to ZigBee, including GSM/GPRS/EDGE, AM/FM, modems, RFID and 2.4GHz W-LAN, including components, modules and kits. All are in stock for free next day delivery with no minimum order value. Highlights include the RS range of external antennas for covert vehicle tracking such as the GSM/GPS dome mount tri-band antenna and MC Technologies’ GSM/GPRS terminal kits with GPS. The range also introduces Navman’s SiRFstarIII based GPS receivers, including the Navman Jupiter 32 GPS receiver module, which measures 15.0 by 17.0 by 2.7mm and weighs 2.0g. This 20-channel device can track down to -159dBi with a maximum peak draw of 57mA for performance in weak signal areas.