One for the whole world

The manufacturing industry is being asked to manage product life cycle more precisely and efficiently, due in part to legislation on the disposal of home electronic equipment. In response, Murata Elektronik GmbH has developed a tiny RFID module, called Magicstrap, designed to enable product life cycle tracking while minimising the amount of RF expertise required to implement an RFID solution.

Magicstrap, also marketed as the LXMS31 series, is comprised of Muratas low temperature co-fired ceramic substrate, plus RF IC and packaging. The entire unit measures 3.2 x 1.6 x 0.7mm. The integrated broadband antenna circuit works in conjunction with a single broadband antenna (for which the manufacturer will offer a reference design) reading in the frequency range of 800 to 1.000MHz over a distance of 5m. In Europe, the USA and Japan the same module and the same antenna structure can be used.