Resistors in stock

Resistor products manufactured by Riedon are now available from Digi-Key. The global distribution agreement will initially give UK purchasers access to Riedon’s 15 and 30W Manganin foil resistors. Suitable for applications such as measurement and test equipment, motor drives, power supplies and electricity meters, the 15 and 30W Manganin resistors have a one per cent tolerance, are available in TO-220, SMD TO-220 and TO-218 packages and range in value from 0.005 to 50 ohms.

Riedons vice president of sales, Gary Cavagnaro, said: Our Manganin foil offering is a great first product for our companies to work together on, as it combines low ohmic values, tight tolerances and low TCR. With Digi-Keys global sales channel and our product offering, we see significant opportunities for growth.

Other products in the Riedon portfolio utilise wire wound, thick and thin film and Nichrome technology.