CAP-XX demos surface-mount supercaps for mass assembly

capxxsupercapSydney, Australia — CAP-XX Limited, a developer of thin-form supercapacitors, has demonstrated prototypes of its surface-mountable supercapacitors at its Lane Cove manufacturing facility in Australia. The company developed the surface-mount technology (SMT) devices to meet customer requests for supercapacitors capable of mass production assembly using standard reflow soldering techniques.

CAP-XX engineers sent several working prototypes of the SMT supercapacitors though a reflow oven at 260 degrees C. Before reflow, the thin, prismatic prototypes had equivalent series resistance (ESR) ratings of 60 and 100 milliohms, capacitances of 1.0 and 0.5 farads, and voltage ratings of 2.75 and 5.5V, respectively. The company says the process minimally impacted performance, changing the ESR and capacitance by less than 10 percent.

CAP-XX is developing SMT devices to facilitate the adoption of supercapacitor-enabled power architectures in high-end feature phones and other consumer electronics devices.

Currently, CAP-XX devices are manually soldered onto the printed-circuit board (PCB). The company did not disclose expected availability for its SMT devices.

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