Ultra-high-performance SAR ADCs ease system design

tiads8284Dallas, Tex. — Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) has introduced two system-on-chip (SoC) solutions that enable customers to easily develop ultra-high-performance analog-to-digital converter (ADC) front ends for precision applications including high-speed data acquisition, automated test equipment and medical imaging.

TI says the 18-bit ADS8284 and 16-bit ADS8254 combine for the first time its latest generation successive approximation register (SAR) ADCs with all the components required to optimize design around the ADC. TI claims the 18-bit SOC with up to 1 MSPS is an industry first. The fully integrated SOCs include a four-channel multiplexer, input operational amplifier, 6 ppm/deg;C reference and reference buffer to reduce design complexity and cost.

Touting best-in-class AC and DC performance at 1 MSPS, the new SOCs are said to provide guaranteed performance characterized for the entire input channel from the multiplexer to the digital output, including the driving amplifier. The device also offers ultra-low-drift that maximizes reliability and repeatability for critical measurements, says TI.

Pricing: The ADS8284 and ADS8254 are available now in a 64-pin QFN package for $20.50 and $16.50, respectively, in quantities of 1,000.
Datasheets and samples: ADS8284 evaluation modules and samples, ADS8254 evaluation modules and samples, and TI’s complete data converter portfolio.