NEC launches CubeSuite IDE for All Flash MCUs

Santa Clara, Calif. — NEC Electronics has unveiled the development of CubeSuite, an integrated development environment (IDE) that combines all the tools necessary to develop applications for NEC’s 8- to 32-bit All Flash microcontrollers (MCUs) into a single platform.

NEC says the CubeSuite is an all-in-one development environment that seamlessly integrates features and tools necessary for application software development, such as a code generator, compiler and assembler, debugger, and flash programmer. By providing an integrated environment, designers are able to perform all development using just the CubeSuite platform without the need to use separate tools.


The platform also supports the entire manufacturing process from design, debug and flash-writing deployment. The CubeSuite saves designers time and money by eliminating steps needed to initiate the development process and by shortening development cycles, said NEC.

Key features include:

Integrated tools necessary for application development: Tools are seamlessly integrated making it easier to switch from one to another even in the middle of an operation.

Supports all phases of development process: Includes several features to aid in the development process such as design tools that assist in layout design for multipurpose pins, and a GUI-based code generator that supports development of peripheral device drivers.

Full lineup of maintenance functions: Shipping now, the CubeSuite IDE also provides features to check for updates and download upgrades when available. It also includes a back-up feature that saves and restores tools and projects collectively.

In addition, the CubeSuite IDE includes tutorial guides that can be used right after product installation to jumpstart tool training and usage.