Samsung offers first TCO-certified netbook

samsungtco1Stockholm — Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. claims to offer the industry’s first netbook certified to the TCO environmental and usability standard. The TCO-certified N120 ultra-light netbook is free from mercury and other hazardous materials. The company also touts the netbook’s energy efficiency and ergonomically designed keyboard and display.

TCO Certified is a third-party certification for high-performance ICT products that are also designed for minimal environmental impact with energy efficiency and reduced hazardous substances as key elements of the certification. A TCO-certified netbook is completely mercury free and offers an LED backlit display, making it significantly more energy efficient than other portable computers, said TCO. The N120 has been fully tested by Nemko, an independent test laboratory.

“Now users can choose a netbook that meets the TCO requirements — that’s a really positive development for consumers looking to make a product choice that offers high performance with minimal impact on the climate and natural environment. TCO Certified is really more than an eco-label. We go beyond green by combining features such as good picture quality and ergonomic design with the toughest environmental requirements on the market today,” Helena Nordin, product manager, notebooks at TCO, in a statement.