Delivering competitive advantage

To give its customers the greatest possible competitive advantage, sub-contract electronics manufacturing expert, Herald Electronics, has made a substantial investment in new surface mount equipment from MYDATA. Herald Electronics has purchased a high-capacity MY19e pick-and-place machine and a MY500 solder jet printer, together with a full suite of supporting software, including MYcam, MYlabel and MYplan.
We are engaged in a continuous improvement process that translates into lower prices and shorter delivery times of the highest quality products to our customers. Our latest investment in the MY19e & MY500 from MYDATA means we now have a Best in Class manufacturing capability to compliment our exacting process controls and a well-trained, experienced and motivated workforce said Christina Spicer, Production Manager of Herald Electronics.

The purpose of this investment is to ratchet heralds customer service capability into becoming a Best in Class supplier that provides a seamless extension to our customers own quality process and enables them to exploit heralds expertise in new product introduction.

The new MY19e machine replaces two existing pick-and-place machines at Herald Electronics and takes the surface mount machines to 4 in total. With a throughput of up to 21,000 components per hour, it provides the company with a substantial increase in overall capacity. This is complemented by the machines ability to handle an exceptionally wide range of components, which virtually eliminates the need for costly manual placement.

By eliminating the need to use stencils for applying solder paste to boards, the new MY500 at Herald Electronics allows the company to provide an exceptionally fast response time on new products and on modifications to existing products. Since the MY500 allows precise control over solder deposition on a pad-by-pad basis, it also greatly reduces the need for reworking, even with boards that use high density components.