Load switch simulation tool simplifies design, speeds up time to market

San Jose, Calif. — Aimed at portable application designers, Fairchild Semiconductor now offers a Web-based simulation tool to quickly and accurately assess the performance of advanced load switches in actual application circuits. The IntelliMAX design tool is said to deliver an intuitive, user-friendly environment containing models of Fairchild’s advanced load switches in pre-defined application circuits. This feature enables designers to quickly and easily adjust the circuit component values to more closely approximate the operating conditions of their applications.

By using the tool’s interactive graphical user interface (GUI), designers can examine the performance most important for their application, said Fairchild. This simulation environment expedites product selection and validation, enabling designers to improve their systems’ robustness, while getting their products to market faster.


Fairchild’s highly integrated IntelliMAX advanced load switches combine protection, and control and fault monitoring functions in compact packaging to reduce complexity in power management designs and accelerate time-to-market.

Resources: IntelliMAX load switches, MOSFET devices, reference designs