Peak power consumption to increase for CPE

imsresearchlogoWellingborough, U.K. — The average peak power consumption of broadband customer premises equipment (CPE) is forecast to increase by more than 20 percent between 2009 and 2014, according to a new report from IMS Research. The report also indicates that the proportion of CPE shipments that is forecast to meet the European Union’s Code of Conduct (CoC) is projected to increase by roughly a third.

The report, Green Broadband CPE, indicates that as the average peak power consumption of the devices increase so will the proportion of broadband CPE that meets the EU CoC. Alex Green, one of the report’s authors, says although it appears contradictory, the answer relates partly to the way the targets are set and the forecast changes in the types of CPE being sold.

“The EU CoC energy consumption target for an individual broadband device is based on the device functionality. So the target for a simple standalone modem is much lower than that for an IAD, with 802.11 functionality and four Ethernet ports, for example,” he said.

An increasing proportion of the market will consist of devices with DECT functionality, MIMO 802.11n technology, multiple FXS/FXO ports, and femtocell functionality, according to Green. “With each addition the CoC target for that device can be incrementally increased to the point that, across the whole market, the added functionality will outweigh improvements in energy efficiency,” said Green.