Automotive MCU claims largest on-chip Flash memory capacity, high-speed operation

renasassh72546rSan Jose, Calif. — Renesas Technology America, Inc. has expanded the SuperH1 family with the introduction of the SH72546R, a powertrain control microprocessor (MCU) that combines the industry’s largest on-chip flash memory capacity of 3.75 MB and high-speed operation at 200 MHz.

The SH72546R is the third in Renesas Technology’s line of high-performance control MCUs using the 90-nm process node to integrate large-capacity flash memory. It is designed for powertrain control applications including engine and transmission systems that require more fine-grained and high-precision control to achieve environmental goals such as reduced exhaust emissions and improved fuel economy.

It retains the 200-MHz high-speed operation of the SH72544R, the first product in the line, while expanding the on-chip flash memory size by 50 percent to 3.75 MB, enabling storage of even larger programs. It also supports operation at 200 MHz at temperatures up to 125°C with low-power consumption, and features a low-power cache system to optimize the use of flash memory.

The SH72546R includes 128 Kbytes of flash memory with functions equivalent to those of EEPROM for data storage. Using this on-chip flash memory can eliminate the need for external memory, lowering system costs.

The powertrain MCU also delivers processing performance of 400 million instructions per second (MIPS) when operating at 200 MHz. This enables it to achieve sophisticated real-time control for more fine-grained and high-speed complex operation processing demanded by engine or transmission control applications.

Other features include an extensive set of peripheral functions designed for engine and transmission control system, which include a multi-function timer, high-speed 12-bit A/D converter, CAN2 interface, and high-speed serial interface functions. In addition, the SH72546R’s functions and package are fully compatible with the SH72546RFCC control MCU for program development.

The MCU is housed in a 272-pin P-BGA (21 x 21 mm) package, and provides full pin compatibility with the SH72546RFCC and SH72544R.

Availability: Sample shipments will begin in October 2009 in Japan.