Single-chip PMU cuts board space in half

ti-tps65070Dallas, Tex. — The TPS6507x family of power management ICs for portable electronics from Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) implements all sequencing and default options to power today’s leading processors, including TI’s OMAP and digital signal processors, in a single chip.

As a result, the TPS65070 and TPS65073 power management units (PMUs) reduce dc/dc implementation by 50 percent versus a discrete design by integrating three highly efficient, 2.25-MHz, 1.5-A dc/dc step-down converters that support a core processor, memory and I/O voltages; two general-purpose, 200-mA LDOs; white LED backlighting to support up to 5-inch LCD displays; an I2C communications interface; a 10-bit analog-to-digital converter; a touch-screen interface and an integrated 1.5-A linear battery charger.

The PMUs support the following processors with easy-to-use reference designs:

TPS65070: OMAP-L1x, TMS320C6742, TMS320C6746 and TMS320C6748 devices
TPS65073 and TPS650731: OMAP35x processors

Availability: The TPS65070 and TPS65073 devices are available in volume production from TI and its authorized distributors.
Pricing: The devices are housed in a 6 x 6 x 0.4 mm, 48-pin, leadless, thermally enhanced QFN package with a suggested resale price of $3.95 in quantities of 1,000.
Resources: Power management units, TI’s power processor reference design tool and TI Power community.