Power Integrations launches smart-grid meter microsite, reference designs

pilinkswitch-cvSan Jose, Calif. — Aimed at supporting smart-grid metering engineers, Power Integrations, a supplier of high-voltage ICs for energy-efficient power conversion, has launched a new technical microsite and reference designs that are focused on energy-efficient power-supply solutions for utility meters used in smart-grid energy networks.

The smart grid requires advanced metering solutions that can provide communications between the utility company and the consumer, delivering real-time information on energy use and cost. Utilities are also installing network-connected devices that manage end-user power consumption that gives suppliers control of certain non-critical circuits while providing customers with pricing concessions in exchange.

Power Integrations says high-efficiency power supplies are critical for these applications.

“A reliable, high-efficiency power supply is absolutely essential for supporting the networking and control electronics used in smart meters and control equipment. Our new microsite delivers several power supply solutions that are ideal for the next generation of smart meters,” said Silvestro Fimiani, product marketing manager at Power Integrations, in a statement.

Power Integrations offers a broad range of highly integrated, high-voltage ICs for offline power conversion in utility and smart meter applications. Each IC includes a 700-V power MOSFET combined with control and protection circuitry on a single chip.

Features include current limiting and thermal shutdown with automatic fault recovery capability to improve reliability, frequency jittering to reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI), and EcoSmart technology to significantly reduce standby energy waste, said the company.

For more information, Power Integrations’ Green Room provides information about “energy vampires” and standby energy waste, along with an energy-efficiency standards guide.