Elpida claims first 2-Gbit DDR2 mobile RAM

elpidamemoryTokyo, Japan — Elpida Memory, Inc. has claimed the industry’s first 2-gigabit DDR2 Mobile RAM that can operate at 1.2 V while achieving a high-speed data transfer rate of 800 Mbps. Typical DDR Mobile RAM devices require 1.8 V and operate at 400 Mbps, said the company.

Compared with other same-density and same-speed DDR2 products, the new device requires 1/16th the power consumption when on standby, making it an eco-friendly DRAM, said Elpida. It also features the highest density for a JEDEC LPDDR2 (DDR2 Mobile RAM) compatible device, said the company.

The 2-Gbit DDR2 mobile RAM (x16-bit/ x32-bit) can be shipped as a bare chip for use in system in package (SiP), multi-chip package (MCP) and other multi-layer packages or it can be packaged for a package on package (PoP) configuration to enable space-saving features. Key mobile applications include high-end mobile phones, smart phones, netbooks and mobile internet devices (MID).

Availability: Sample shipments are expected to begin in October, 2009 with the start-up of mass production scheduled for the first half of 2010.
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