3M unveils 3D optical film for handheld displays

St. Paul, Minn. — 3M’s Optical Systems Division has developed a field sequential 3D optical film for handheld devices, which the company says enables true auto stereoscopic 3D viewing on mobile phones, gaming and other handheld devices without the need for glasses. It’s also easily integrated into backlight module assemblies.

The 3D optical film can be integrated into the backlight module. 3M said the film only requires one LCD panel and operates at a 120-Hz refresh rate.

Backlight module assembly is nearly identical to existing systems, allowing for simple integration at the assembly stage. The standard optical film stack is replaced with a reflective film, custom light guide and 3D film. By using directional backlight technology, left and right images are focused sequentially into the viewer’s eyes enabling a full resolution display of the panel.


3M will showcase its 3D technology at the Korea Electronics Show, October 13-16.