Fairchild offers camera switch portfolio for portable devices

fairchildcameraswitchesSunnyvale, Calif. — Fairchild Semiconductor offers a camera switch portfolio aimed at designers of 3G smart phones, cell phones, set-top boxes, security cameras and notebooks. These solutions, including the FSA1211, FSA642, FIN210, FIN212 and FSA1211, provide strong isolation, multi-interface handling capability, lower on-capacitance and design flexibility.
Here’s the line-up:

Delivering strong isolation for higher frequency cell phones that need to manage parasitics for optimal signal integrity, Fairchild introduced the industry’s first image module switch, the FSA1211, to isolate parasitic components up to -45 dB of OFF isolation.

To comply with multiple camera interfaces such as MDDI, MIPI, and YUV, Fairchild offers several solutions such as the FSA642.

Fairchild’s μSerDes solutions, the FIN212 (40MHz) and FIN210 (48MHz), enable the image processor to be placed anywhere on the printed circuit board.

Fairchild has a number of products that tackle the issue of electromagnetic interference (EMI) at higher frequencies including the FSA1211, which reduces the radiated EMI of the signal path to also improve RF desense.

Fairchild also has developed camera switch solutions that feature a low on-capacitance (6 pF typical) to accommodate a faster data rate and to lower the overall on capacitance in data paths in portable designs.