MTI Micro improves fuel cell power density by 30%

Albany, N.Y. — MTI MicroFuel Cells Inc. (MTI Micro), a subsidiary of Mechanical Technology Inc. (MTI), has achieved a significant power milestone for its Mobion fuel cell engine by demonstrating a power density of 84 mW/cm2 while maintaining its fuel efficiency of 1800 Wh/kg or 1.4 Wh/cc.

This achievement shows a 30 percent power density improvement over the initial 62 mW/cm2 announced last year. With this latest achievement, MTI Microcell claims the Mobion technology offers the highest power density ranking in the micro fuel cell industry, and supports MTI Micro’s leadership position in the development of direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC) solutions for the portable electronic device industry.


“Having a greater amount of energy in smaller amount of space is always a major concern of customers with power-hungry devices,” said Peng Lim, president and CEO of MTI Micro, in a statement. “This significant improvement addresses manufacturers’ needs for a compact, power-dense energy supply, while incorporating a simplified design. The new design is engineered to greatly reduce assembly time and cost to pave the way for high-volume manufacturing.”

MTI Micro’s Mobion micro fuel cell provides full power in any orientation, at any humidity level and within the operational temperature range of consumer electronic devices.