Faurecia debuts “clean” strategy for next-gen vehicles

faureciaehrsLos Angeles, Calif. — Faurecia has announced its “clean” approach for next-generation vehicles at this week’s LA Auto Show. The automotive supplier is aiming to reduce a vehicle’s weight by up to 130 pounds by 2020, use more natural fibers and other biomaterials, reduce emissions and improve fuel savings through advances in seating, vehicle interiors, front ends and emissions control technologies.

These advances will build on Faurecia’s “Light Attitude” products, introduced in 2008, that enabled a vehicle weight savings of 66 pounds. Faurecia is a supplier to 16 of the 20 most fuel-efficient vehicles on the world market, according to the company.

Faurecia recently announced an agreement to acquire EMCON Technologies, an integrator of emissions control technologies for passenger and commercial vehicles, which should help better position the auto supplier in the clean vehicle market. The acquisition should also drive the development of technologies and products that lower car emissions and fuel consumption.

“With stricter CAFE [Corporate Average Fuel Economy] requirements coming quickly, automakers will be forced to drastically reduce the weight and emissions of their vehicles without compromising safety, comfort or quality,” said Mike Heneka, president of Faurecia North America, in a statement. “These trends and others are driving automakers to partner with suppliers that can accelerate cost-effective, innovative product development.”

A few products and innovations on display at the at the auto show include Faurecia’s Sustainable Comfort Seat line of thinner and lighter auto seats, natural fiber door panel interiors, a lighter weight front-end module and an exhaust heat recovery system that reuses heat from the exhaust system to warm the vehicle interior up to 25 percent faster. It also helps to warm vehicle engines more quickly, reducing pollutants and improving fuel economy, according to the company. Click here for more information about the products highlighted at the show.