RFaxis claims to revolutionize wireless markets with single-chip CMOS RF front-end IC

rfaxisrfeicIrvine, Calif. — RFaxis Inc., a fabless semiconductor company, has unveiled its next-generation pure CMOS RF front-end integrated circuits (RFeIC) platform, complementing its current BiCMOS RFeIC platform portfolio. Touted as a game-changing RF front-end technology to transform the wireless connectivity market, the new platform is said to bring the industry one step closer to delivering a complete wireless radio on a single CMOS silicon die.

Together, the BiCMOS and CMOS RFIC platforms are designed to allow the company to quickly spin-up new RF front-end solutions for both battery-operated devices and wireless devices with a continuous power supply, says RFaxis.

Dr. Ping Peng, COO of RFaxis, says the new platform is architected for standard 0.18 and 0.25 micron CMOS processes, and inexpensive CMOS silicon material. “This means our next-generation RFeICs based on this platform can be reliably and cost-effectively manufactured by a wide variety of major foundries globally,” he stated.

“We were told that a fully integrated RF front-end on a single-chip, single BiCMOS silicon die could not be done. Yet we are now manufacturing five major RFeIC lines to be launched in 2010. We were told that a fully integrated RF front-end on a single-chip, single pure CMOS silicon die was impossible. Yet we have proven that such a disruptive platform is viable and is available today only through RFaxis,” says Mike Neshat, president and CEO of RFaxis, in a statement.

The RFaxis BiCMOS RFeIC product lines will be available for delivery in early 2010 and will be unveiled in time for the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show in January. The CMOS solutions are expected to be available in the summer of 2010.

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