High-end PND BOM is $7.68, says market researcher

St. Charles, Ill. — The estimated total bill-of-materials (BOM) cost for a high-end portable navigation device (PND) is $7.68, according to a new report from Bishop & Associates. The report covers global positioning system (GPS) product BOM design and trends over the next three years.

This report focuses on consumer mobile GPS devices that make up the major market share of the global GPS products sector in 2010. The challenge is to forecast next-generation BOM designs requirements, future market trends and emerging GPS markets segments that will impact connector and cable requirements, said the market researcher.

According to the report, the basic PND (low-end) with a 3.5-inch LCD screen, priced at $100 to $250, offers the no-frills navigation map and direction systems, while the high-end PND, in the price range of $250 to $400, offers larger 4.3-inch and 5.0-inch LCD screens packed with a host of consumer features. The newest high-end PNDs with a 5.0-inch screen typically are priced at $400 to $500.


Bishop notes that the connector and cable total available market (TAM) values are based on average market pricing per connector and cables. Special contract pricing could be much lower, which would change the BOM values.