Eltek Valere completes power rectifier conversion to high-efficiency technology

eltekgreenlogoDrammen, Norway — Eltek Valere has announced the availability of the Flatpack2 HE 48/3000, a 48-V, 3-kW rectifier that operates at 96 percent efficiency, marking the last of its flagship Flatpack2 rectifier products to be converted to high-efficiency (HE) versions.

The Flatpack2 HE 48/3000 rectifier is the highest wattage rectifier in the HE family and is aimed at applications in the central office, wireless macrocell base stations and the network core. The rectifier offers 62.5 A of current per module, giving it a power density of 33 W/in2, an operating range of up to 300 VAC and UL-rated AC range extended to cover an input voltage of up to 277 VAC.

The complete HE product line includes the Flatpack2, compact and integrated DC power systems, along with both 24-V and 48-V rectifiers ranging from 1.8 kW to 3 kW, which offer carriers the ability to architect a complete HE system of up to 6000 A.

The systems are supported by Eltek Valere’s Smartpack Controller for monitoring and control, and can be integrated with the company’s solar inverter products in hybrid solar/grid applications.

Availability: The Flatpack2 HE 48/3000 is available now.