C-MAC delivers high-temp dc/dc converters

cmaclogoLouvain-la-Neuve, Belgium — C-MAC MicroTechnology has extended its agreement with CISSOID to integrate Vesuvio technology into high-temperature dc/dc converter designs featuring their latest Magma and Hyperion semiconductor devices. These new state-of-the-art modules offer improvements in efficiency and packaging density and provide multiple output voltages with life time operation at 225 degrees C, says C-MAC.

The extended product range will provide output voltages in the range of 1.2 V up to 90 percent of VIN at 2 amps, and up to a 50 percent reduction in physical size. Efficiencies of more than 90 percent above 200 degrees C confirm the leading class position of the product family, says C-MAC.

These new products feature C-MAC’s high-temperature microcircuit integration technology. Target markets include high reliability, harsh environment applications such as oil and gas deep-well drilling and engine sensing, as well as control and management in the aerospace and defense markets.

Single-, dual- and triple-output voltage modules as well as higher current versions will be available over the coming months.