Power Integrations launches EuP standards finder

pi-eupfinderSan Jose, Calif. — Power Integrations has launched its new EuP Standards Finder, an online tool for power supply designers that matches end products to energy-efficiency requirements. The tool provides designers with immediate access to specific requirements of the European Commission’s EuP Ecodesign Directive.

The EuP Standards Finder allows users to select an application from an A-to-Z listing and then immediately view the Tier One and Tier Two limits for standby, active-mode, and no-load power consumption. Links to relevant Power Integrations reference designs are also displayed in the search results as well as commentary from energy-efficiency standards guru “Mr. Green,” who provides additional insight into how the Ecodesign Directive applies to the specified product.

“The Ecodesign Directive’s power consumption limits will ultimately apply to hundreds of end products — from computers and external power supplies to set-top boxes and appliances. The standards are not necessarily organized by application, so figuring out how and when the standards apply to a specific end product can be challenging,” says Rich Fassler, manager of energy-efficiency programs at Power Integrations, in a statement.

“Keeping up with changes in the standards further complicates the issue. With the EuP Standards Finder, Power Integrations has dramatically simplified the task of correlating the EC’s requirements to specific end products. The designer can simply push a button and get all of the data needed to make an informed decision,” he added.

The tool will be frequently updated as Ecodesign Directive requirements evolve and new Power Integrations reference designs become available.