Fairchild Ultra FRFETs cut parts count, ease LCD-TV design

fairchildultrafrfetSan Jose, Calif. — Aimed at simplifying LCD-TV designs, Fairchild Semiconductor’s half-bridge solution — the Ultra FRFET family — claims the industry’s smallest reverse recovery current (1.8 to 3.1 A) and optimizes designs by providing best-in-class reverse recovery time (trr) of 35 ns to 65 ns. It also reduces component count, saving board space and cost.

Today’s LCD TV designs use MOSFETs with two FRDs and two blocking diodes in a half-bridge circuit to initiate the non-zero voltage switching. The FRDs are used to reduce the reverse recovery current. The blocking diodes prevent the built-in diode of the MOSFET from turning on and eliminate the large reverse recovery current of the diodes.

Fairchild’s solution eliminates the need for two blocking diodes and two FRDs in the half-bridge circuit, saving board space and as much as $.20 per design, said Fairchild.

When compared to alternate solutions offering a typical gate charge of only 1 6nC, the Ultra FRFET products help reduce the turn-on and turn-off losses of the MOSFET through its significantly lower gate charge (Qg(typ) = 11nC). The devices also feature a robust dv/dt immunity of 20 V/ns, ensuring reliability and strong electromagnetic interference (EMI) performance.

Availability: Samples are available now. Delivery is 9-11 weeks ARO.
Pricing: All in quantities of 1,000. Click links for datasheets.
FDPF5N50UT: $ 0.30
FDPF10N50UT: $0.50
FDPF12N50UT: $0.60
FDPF16N50UT: $0.80
FDPF6N60ZUT: $0.40
FDPF8N60ZUT: $0.50
FDPF10N60ZUT: $0.65