Bergstrom, Johnson Controls-Saft develop Li-ion battery for no-idle vehicles

nitenoidlesystemLouisville, Ky. — Bergstrom Inc. and Johnson Controls-Saft have developed a lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery for NITE no-idle systems that will improve power efficiency, deliver longer run times and improve the environmental benefits of its no-idle units for commercial vehicles.

At only 110 lbs., the Li-ion battery weighs 63 percent less than traditional battery options and provides 16 percent more power and 20 percent less volume. The battery also has an estimated lifespan of six to eight years.

As a battery-powered, no-idling system, the NITE units, approved by the California Air Resources Board (CARB), are able to generate high BTU cooling capacity without emitting emissions. In addition to helping fleet owners reduce their emissions, it also helps them comply with increasingly stringent anti-idling laws, and reduce fuel costs, said Bergstrom.

“As anti-idling restrictions continue to evolve, demand on batteries keeps growing,” said Bill Gordon, director of global marketing and national director of aftermarket for Bergstrom, in a statement. “This advanced battery technology offers fleets and owner-operators who live on the road a highly efficient, reliable and green no-idle solution. It’s truly the next generation of batteries for the NITE system.”

Ray Shemanski, who leads the Johnson Controls-Saft joint venture and is vice president and general manager of Hybrid Systems for Johnson Controls said the new solution supports the company’s efforts to reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by providing an energy-efficient solution for the trucking industry.

The Li-ion battery module will be available in late 2010 as an option for all NITE no-idle systems. It will carry a five-year warranty.